Laserdyne’s Black Opal displays have been engineered for a wide range of land-, sea- or air-borne display applications including remote/indirect viewing of video images generated by day, night or thermal cameras. The Xtreme Land 19 model is a 19” [with SXGA (1,280 x 1,024) resolution] version of the Black Opal display
type, specially designed for land vehicle use.

This is a reduced weight/reduced cost model, where some of the stringent measures specific to air and seaborne operations have been relaxed. It retains the advanced video features and generally high level of ruggedisation for which Black Opal displays are renowned.

Width 453mm
Height 373mm
Depth 77.95mm
Mass <7.6kg
  • dedicated to use in land vehicles, sealed;
  • reduced weight and cost;
  • versatile mounting options;
  • designed to withstand vibration, shock, and extended temperature operation, EM shielded.
  • 19” 5:4 LED backlit LCD, 1,280 pixels x RGB x 1,024 lines (SXGA) resolution, 24 bit (16M) colour scale, 8 bit (256) grey scale.
inputs up to 4 low res’n + 6 high res’n + 1 SDI;
display up to 6 channels simultaneously;
outputs up to 2 SDI + 1 analogue video.
  • enhance function for smoke, rain, fog, etc;
  • freeze frame;
  • adjustable digital zoom;
  • colourisation;
  • overlay capability (chroma keying).
  • readable in full direct sunlight (105 lux) (LED backlight adjustable to over 1,000 nit);
  • readable with night vision devices (adjustable low intensity backlight, green or red selectable);
  • backlit buttons (adjustable, green or red selectable);
  • anti reflection coated window.


panel Mount 8 x 5.5mm dia. holes, 3 per side;
side Mount 2 x M6 tapped holes, 8mm deep, on each side.
  • RS-232 and RS422
panel Mount 4 x 4.5mm dia. holes in corners;
side Mount 4 x M4 tapped holes, 8mm deep, on
each side;
rear Mount VESA 75 type, 4 x M4 tapped holes,
8mm deep.
comms Baude rates;
sealing hermetic (land and sea), splash and drip proof (airborne);
recording internal DVR (SD) module;
SBC Gumstix based;
touchscreen 5-wire resistive.

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