The Model RMU8HX-P is an 8.4” [with XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution] multi-function version of the LaserDyne Black Opal display, customized for use with observation/surveillance systems on armoured vehicles arising from specific European programmes. This model is a multi-function display, in that it features remote controls which the integrator may use for control of external devices via the comms port. Button markings may be customised during manufacture to suit specific programmes. Black Opal displays have been engineered for a wide range of land-, sea- or air-borne display applications including remote/indirect viewing of video images generated by day, night or thermal cameras.

width 237mm
height 203.2mm
depth 83mm
mass <2.6kg
  • land, sea and airborne applications;
  • multi-function capability with assignable buttons for control of external devices via comms port;
  • designed to to withstand vibration, shock, and extended temperature operation;
  • EM shielded.
  • 8.4” 4:3 LCD, 1024 pixels x RGB x 768 lines (XGA) resolution, 24 bit (16M) colour scale, 8 bit (256) grey scale.
inputs up to 2 analogue composite video;
display up to 2 video simultaneously;
outputs 1 analogue composite video (wysiwyg).
  • enhance function for smoke, rain, fog, etc;
  • freeze frame;
  • adjustable digital zoom;
  • colourisation;
  • overlay capability (chroma keying).
  • readable in full direct sunlight (105 lux) (backlight adjustable to 1,100 nit);
  • readable with night vision devices (adjustable low intensity backlight, green or red);
  • anti reflection coated window.
  • 12 to 33Vdc input (28V nominal).
  • RS-232 and RS422
  • 8 x M4 tapped holes, 8mm deep, 4 top and 4 bottom.
SBC built-in-single board computer with Linux OS.
Sealing hermetic (land and sea), splash and drip proof (airborne)

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